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We came together to do cool stuff.

Momo Media is an eclectic, dynamic, award-winning team, focused on treading new visual ground in the vast digital expanse of the interwebs. You’ll enjoy working with us.


Like we said, we’re in the business of custom video content.


We’re here to find the best way to get your message seen, heard, and remembered. Here's a look at how we've been able to do that so far.


Umang Srivastava

ceo & co-founder

Creative Director, Producer and a trusted + insightful client partner, specialising in video marketing solutions. Passionate about solving business problems.


Anant Sharma

cco & co-founder

Versatile creative force: Writer, Director, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and illustrator. Known for impeccable execution and discerning taste.

Our clients affectionately call us Momos.

We Momos like to keep busy.

We’re always shooting, scripting, producing, having fun. It’s what we do best.

We create visual content(ment).
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